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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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xxxxpa we're back on a wednesday morning, the 16th day of november, 2011. under grey skies. a nice crowd of people gathered out on our plaza. and, by the way, some of those people greeting some of the stars of "twilight. mickey reeves. >> i was wondering why they took the mirrors out of the makeup room. >> see that picture? you won't be in that picture. >> not in it. >> on the plaza, matt lauer with ann curry and mr. al roker, coming up with the "today's"
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professionals that stuck around. >> they will be back. >> including was there a cover-up at penn state university and who knew what when? and the question debated for years and years, can men and women really just be friends. also coming up, talking about the things we cannot keep secret, really talk about no matter how embarrassing they are. if you feel like you snore too much or if you have, you know, i guess what salt on your face? >> if you had a little bit of what do they call this, bobby pins? >> yes, bobby pins coming down. i'm a mess today. anyway, someone is making a lot of noises and people keep playing with your hair. if you have things happening you're worried about, you should talk about and we will get a doctor's advice this morning on the kinds of things you should pay attention to. >> the sad part is ann cannot pick the lock on my dressing roo
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room. >> former hollywood madame heidi fleiss is here. she has come a long way since running an escort service and spending time in prison. she will tell us about her new gig coming up and some of the stars of "twilight breaking dawn." >> i love them. they're so talented. they did a really good job in the movie. >> there are three. >> the other one, not so much. >> all three. >> now, let's go inside. >> four of them do fantastic. >> check the top stories. savannah in for natalie. >> they are ganging up on you, ann. we move to new developing news in the penn state sex abuse scandal, mike mcqueary saying he saw jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a boy as young as 10 years old is defending his own actions. in an e-mail, he told a friend,
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i did stop it not physically but made sure it was stopped when i left that locker room. mcqueary said he did have discussions with police and the official at the university in charge of plays. today, president obama announced a new security agreement with the prime minister in australia saying it will strengthen security throughout the region. china reacted quickly warning expansion of security may not be appropriate. officials are trying to find out whoever fired two shots at the white house. the bullets were found tuesday on the white house dprounds including one stopped by a ballistic glass window and they think it was fired when the president was in california and now looking for a 21-year-old man they think may be responsible. the u.s. postal service is warning it may run out of cash next september after it said it lost $5.1 billion in the past year. it blames the weak economy, e-mail and people paying bills
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online. the postal service asked congress for permission to end saturday delivery as a way to save money. one family has more than an answering machine to screen phone calls. it has fred. the talented feline somewhat of an internet star and learned how to answer the call when the phone rings. [ phone ring iing ]. >> fred is talented, not yet learned how to take messages but we have full faith in him. it's 9:04 and back to al with a check of the weather. >> i guess that's what's called a cat call. very nice. working right now. but in the meantime, we have severe weather, tornado reports in alabama, louisiana and heavy rain making its way up into the upper ohio river valley, mid-atlantic states. look at this heavy rain from
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jacksonville, atlanta, delays, >> good morning.nd a lot of w we have some light rain and fog this morning. the rain will probably pick up in intensity. thanks. today's professionals weighing
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in on hot topics, donny deutche chairman of deutche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman, our medical editor and -- >> she punched me. >> she punches me and it hurts. >> and star jones. let's get to our hot topics. we talked about penn state last hour and whether or not jerry sandusky should have granted an interview. a lot of people are looking at penn state's actions or lack of actions and say this may be a cover-up, conspiracy of silence. >> if you understand the essence of a football program, how insular it is, they live together, breathe together, it's unfathomable if you understand that culture to think more people did not know in detail. it's the essence of what they are, like this, how could they all not know. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg and we will hear a lot more.
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sandusky was allowed to quietly retire and retain all his benefits. who made that decision and when did they make that decision an what return. >> you think there will be a civil lawsuit? >> absolutely. penn state and everybody connected to penn state. we don't have a right to see all the documentation yet because penn state is excluded from the right to know law. interestingly enough the former president was the one who testified to make sure penn state was excluded. >> what do you think of mike mcqueary? >> i'm mixed. now that he comes out and says, i stopped it. ve verbally stopped but didn't do anything about it. i keep coming back to the fact. he wasn't a kid. he was a 28-year-old man. what he really did, legally allowed to say right now, i don't know. at least to me, he hasn't proven to me he stepped up to the plate. >> i see much bigger villains.
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at least this kid reported it to the police and said stop. >> we don't have a police report. >> there will be. >> i think that there are documents that exist we are not allowed to see. remember, the grand jury said specifically, we find him to be very credible. that's the quote in there. >> the board of trustees, i think the ripple effect will be extraordinary. >> the next topic, breast-feeding in public. a michigan mother in a criminal courtroom called out for breast-feeding her 5-month-old baby in the court. the judge said it was inappropriate. she said this was not against the law. the judge reportedly said, this is my courtroom. the laws don't apply in my courtroom. star. >> the laws apply more there than anywhere. first, it's a natural thing the woman was breast-feeding and clearly the baby needed to eat and she thought this was the least distracting way to keep the child calm. i don't understand the judge. sometimes judges do dumb stu.
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>> it seems to me every six months or so, we talk about breast-feeding in public and women are maligned. folks, this is how babies eat. get over it. >> she was doing it tastefully. >> i have never seen a woman doing it where they're doing anything other than trying to be discreet. a woman's right. shame on that judge. >> if the baby is getting ready to cry and disrupting court. >> he's saying his courtroom is above the law. shame on the judge. >> i love this one. can women keep secrets? according to a new study, not more than 30 minutes. the average length of time is 32 minutes. >> i believe that. i think women are the biggest gossips. we will share anything. >> i think you are full of it. i mean, i -- >> star! >> because i'm- >> i got to tell you, my girlfriend are broke refrigerators, they can't keep anything. >> you don't tell those people.
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if you told me something and said, don't tell it, that's it. >> you know what, you're a doctor, so you're trained to be that way. you're absolutely trained to be. you have a professional ethic to do it. >> it perpetuates the sexism women can't -- >> you disagree with the statistics and think- >> yes! >> there are differences. by the way, do -- are men less talkative for -- >> yes. >> is it fair to say by nature women gossip more than men? they just do. >> they speak and talk differently. >> you know it's true that they can't keep a secret and we're stupid in other ways. >> some of the most malicious gossipers i know are men. >> it's okay to generalize and say women are different in different ways. >> star, we need to find you new friends. >> i love my friends and have no problems with my friends. i'd rather tell the truth. i'd rather not be a polyanna and tell the truth. chicks gossip.
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>> bottom line, if you have a secret, don't tell it. >> to a woman or man. >> that's how we catch criminals. >> they just tell one person, it's like keeping a secret. >> don't even bring up the sexiest man alive. then it will be a whole new controversy. >> let's get to our last topic, ex porn star -- wait. i skipped ahead. can men and women just be friends? i don't want to skip this. we will get to the porn star. >> my oldest best friend in the world from first grade is a woman. to me, she's like a sister i trust, i'd rather go to a woman. if we had sex, we wouldn't be friends. i don't buy this, can't be friends with a woman. that's dumb. >> we've been friends for over 15 years and traveled. >> why do people have this perception somebody will have a sexual attraction to he other. >> i don't think there is such a thing as friends with benefits. >> my closest friends are men
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and don't have sexual relationships and guided me through good times and bad. we make this too complicated. friendships are friendships. >> even friends who touch. >> when there's friends with benefits. that's because one or both of the parties really do desire an intimate relationship. if they're really friends, that's all it is. get your hands off me. >> don touch me. >> hr talked to me and said, don't touch the women. i don't touch them. >> now, donny, you behaved, we'll get to the porn star story. ex porn star reads to elementary school students, sasha gray, chosen by an outside talent coordinator to read to children. any have a problem with that given her past? >> not at all. they're first graders, she's volunteering her time. maybe if it was high school kids and they're aware who she is. shame on people. >> she's a porn star who's
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litter at. she can read. >> to be honest, unless the parent told the kid, one, what porn is and, two, they don't know what porn stars are. >> she's volunteering her time, reading to kids, this is craziness. >> any time somebody wants to go into a school and help out a child, we need to let them. >> this is the good side. >> is bradley cooper the sexiest man alive? >> very sexy guy. >> since not even in ground swell of today's professionals -- >> donny, you can't nominate yourself. >> it won't happen any other wa way. >> and they need more people. >> we will still find you some more friends, star. coming up next, the embarrassing health question you don't want to ask your doctor. we will ask you that. later on, former hollywood madame, heidi fleiss is next,
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after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. this morning on "today," your embarrassing medical questions answered. dr. peterson, good to see you. >> good morning, al. >> we'll go to this first question. i snore and it keeps waking up my husband. what can do to make it stop? >> figure out what's causing it. obesity, large tonsils, allergies, drinking alcohol or
9:17 am
sleep apnea, addressing the und und underlying issue. sleeping on your side, keeps the tongue from falling back, manage your allergies and get checked by a doctor. >> i'm a closet napper. i don't know if it means he naps in a closet. is it safe to wear my contact lenses when i nap? >> it may not be. if you're not wearing extended wear contact lenses they're not as permeable and can deprive your eyes of oxygen and ask your doctor for permeable lenses called silicone, hydrodone lenses. >> why does my stomach growl when i am hungry? >> because your hungry and then because your brain contracts releasing fluids and may be a sign of gastroenter logic condition, irritable bowel condition.
9:18 am
>> no pain, just digestion? >> yes. >> a problem for our floor manager, mark, chewing ice, can it be a sign of a bigger medical issue? >> it can. a sign of being anemic or tongue may be deficient with iron deficient or the ice tastes better if you're iron deficient. go to your medical doctor to get it checked or a sign of stress. maybe mark is just stressed. >> working here? how could that be. my next question, i yawn a lot when talking to people and makes it look like i'm bored and not interesting in what they're saying. i'm not tired so why is happening? >> we don't know why it's happening but can be because you're relaxed or stressed or overworked or contagious. don't yawn on me, i don't want to yawn. anti-depressant medications can cause it. we think it's because it increases alertness and oxygen level. >> finally, what causes toenail
9:19 am
fungus and how to treat it inter. >> >> caused by a contaminated surface that comes into contact with hur feet, the gym shower or pedicure tub. treatment can be difficult. top call medications over the counter, don't work very well. try getting an oral prescription medication. it is very costly and works very well. >> if i don't do that right, i will be missing a toe. do you expect me to talks? no, i expect you to die. doctor peterson, thank you so much. coming up, before you get dold up for the holiday parties, we have hairdos and don't. first, from these messages. this year we all want something to believe in. like being able to shop for the gifts we want, however we want... and have them ready for pick up in 5 minutes, guaranteed. and if the gift we want isn't in store, it's shipped to us, free. only sears lets you get the gifts you want, when you want, at the prices you want.
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if you're wondering why there are a bunch of twi hards on the plaza, it's because we have three members of the cull en group here. >> absolutely. they're here to tell us about the twilight saga, "breaking dawn part one." this is packed. a honeymoon, pregnancy, birth, death. man, any only thing you don't do is buy a car. >> we still even had to break the book into two movies. the book was so jam-packed with everything. part one is a full movie in and of itself. it has so much action and romance and goes back to the original flatline. >> you've been together since 2008. i know you filmed these back to back and the second one will be released in a year. you all had to say good-bye to each other. was that emotional for you? >> we haven't really had to say good-bye yet. we still spend every day together. it doesn't feel -- i'm not sad
9:24 am
about it yet. i will be. >> sounds like she might be sad at some point. >> does it surprise youthy fans, the real tenacity and beauty of what they feel for you guys? it's pretty incredible. >> it is incredible and four years later, you don't get used to it. it still amazes us. they're still passionate. we just had the premiere four days ago and they have been there five days. we were so excited and they were excited about the film to begin with, four years later, kind of unheard of. >> anything when greeting fans and crazy requests? >> i signed a girl's forehead. >> yeah, on ellen. >> and one asked you to bite her. >> wow! a whole other movie. >> we will not bite you, no
9:25 am
matter how you ask. >> it opens on friday. just ahead. hairdos and don't after the local news and weather. and 2 minutes to christmas? [ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. [ female announcer ] they're for building excitement for christmas. 12 days, 18 hours... come on. it's no days! [ female announcer ] the hallmark countdown to christmas ornament. 5 hours and 59 minutes and 41... 40...39... 38...37...36... [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance...
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> rain will be with us throughout the and afternoon off and on. some of the rain could be heavy into the late afternoon mixture of light rain and snow tomorrow morning before it clears up. high tem
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♪ ♪ >> that is pop sensation justin bieber, 13 million twitter followers. just 2 million shy of savannah guthrie. 36 million facebook friends. only 17 years old. 1 week from today, performing live on our plaza. that's not all. weave country stars. rascal flatts. tuesday, legendary carole king and two days of rock concerts next week. >> very exciting. justin bieber, tweet us. we need followers. one tweet can make all the difference. coming up on this half hour, heidi fleiss. a lot of people remember her as
9:31 am
hollywood's madame. she had a roster of famous clients. she's come a long way since then and new project she's taken under her wings, a hint there. it's all about the hair. hairdos and hair don't. one don't is don't stand in a drizzle. not good for the hair. >> not bothering me. we have acclaimed author, james paterson, here to talk about his latest alex cross thriller. we're across the street from our plaza near the rockefeller center tree and talking to oliv olivia, here to unveil the cross. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us about the star. >> it's a tribute for us to put this beautiful star on the tree. a huge piece. 550 pounds. over 700 l.e.d. lights. a beautiful thing. a big part of my childhood
9:32 am
seeing that star up there. >> i was going to ask you, this is the rockefeller tree tradition. do you have any christmas holiday traditions you do every year? >> my family is into christmas and spend about 17 hours playing scrabble. the tree is a big part of decorating the tree. it means a lot to me and this is very special i got to inveil the star. >> the 27th anniversary. yes. of the ornament. this year, artists inspired by the ornament will auction off five pieces that will go to a wonderful organization. it's great. a really wonderful project. >> wonderful. olivia wilde, thank you for showing off your bling on november 30th. thank you for coming. >> right now, between these two ladies,
9:33 am
>> good morning. we have some light rain showers this morning. the rain will probably pick up in intensity. that's your latest weather. it's time to light the light. what's it like? >> we have a whole different atmosphere going on. >> they're on the third floor and i'm on the basement? thanks, olivia. coming up next, hairdos and don't by louis ba card right after these messages.
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ghirardelli. moments of timeless pleasure. it's been nearly 20 years since heidi fleiss made headlines as the notorious hollywood madame arrested, tried and convicted for running one of the most successful prostitution rings in hollywood history. >> we the jury find the defendant, heidi lynn flies guilty of the crime of pandering. >> after spending three years in prison, heidi has traded in the sex business and now in the bird business. it's all part of an animal planet special title, pro prostitutes to parrots. good morning to you. that's a catchy title. >> i wanted birds not bitches but it didn't quite fly. >> would you look at that video we just showed. 20 years past since you were convicted. can you believe it's bean so long? >> yeah. it feels like yesterday you were 19, where did 45 come from.
9:38 am
you feel like 85, coming quicker. >> i know you say you were a much different young woman then than you are now. how do you mean? >> i think everyone hopefully, as you get older, you become wiser and your decisions become a little bit better or maybe a little crazier. >> i know you moved on to nevada now. let's talk about the series on animal planet, that has to do with you raising birds. you have 19 macaws. >> i have very loud, very destructive, very spoiled macaws. to be honest, it's very hard. do i have a lot of internal conflict. some days, i do want to give them all lethal injections, but -- >> the series kind of reflects that. it's kind of crazy scene inside your house to take care of these exotic birds. sometimes watching it, it almost seems like the birds are living in your home and you're the tenant. in all seriousness, is it
9:39 am
overwhelming? >> if i want to buy a house, i buy a house in beverly hills. this is not my house, it's for them. i'm committed to take care of them the best care possible the rest of my life. i can't throw them away. >> tell us the back story. a madam on her dyed bed basically asked you. >> you will see it all on animal planet. i'm very submissive to bedridden mada madames. she said on her death bed to take care of her birds, and i told her no and the problem is i fell in love with one. that's all it took. >> now, you have all these birds, from 1 to 19. >> there's 20. 19. and it will never go to 20. there will never be another one. i don't want to be a hoarder. i can't get rid of them. obviously, i favor some over others. i can't throw them away, i can't do it. they're very sensitive animals, very intelligent, they're very pure and they have -- there
9:40 am
should be no more bird breeding. they have terrible lives. >> you have been very up front about everything in your life including your sobriety. there's a point in your show where a friend asks you if you are sober. you say you have slipped a few times and in another scene talking to the camera with a bird on your shoulder and saying you wouldn't mind having a skinny high. it raises the question, how are you doing? are you sober? nchts. >> yes. i have slipped, behind your greenroom. i like the buffet of drugs you have and choices i have. i have slipped. in the dr. drew show, it was the best thing i ever did for myself. it was embarrassing and humiliating. it was a wake-up call and did make me realize it's time to get sober. >> you've been candid about it. you said you did not like the way you appeared in that show.
9:41 am
>> i was scared to death, horrified. really horrified. creepy. >> charlie sheen is another person whose struggles have been out there and well documented, one of the few to admit having availed himself of your service back in the day. what do you think? >> charlie, i love charlie. he spends money on women, a great guy. he does what he wants. charlie is a rock star. more famous than ever, can do whatever he wants. never had a bad day in his life, born rich, he has a great life. court-martially's name would have never come out except when i was arrested i happened to have his traveler's checks in my purse, otherwise his name would have never come out. >> what are you doing now? i hear you're consulting? >> i'm consulting with dennis who owns a bunny ranch and purchased more brothels closer to las vegas and another show on legals dating, legal match making. legal. >> for match making. >> that i know inherently, in my
9:42 am
blood, a legal dating show. >> good to talk to you. prostitutes for parrots airs tonight on the animal planet. still to come, the right hairstyle for your face. up next, the world's highest paid author according to forbes magazine, james patterson. after this.
9:43 am
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[ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at
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9:46 am
alex cross racing against time to find the kids and stop the crimes. by james patterson, "kill alex cross." >> sounds like another typical day in washington. what's going on in congress, getting anything done zbl snooncht no. but alex cross will get stuff. >> if alex cross was in congress, we would have a better country. >> this is your 17th alex cross novel. >> in twilight, they do four. 17 is hard. >> how do you keep it fresh? >> you know, i'm still interested in him and where he's going to go and bringing a kid into the house off the streets this time. he's still growing. snow the other thing i find fascinating about your writings. you are able to take these fantastic events we're just talking about. it's believable. >> i don't write realism. it's not realistic completely and i don't write superheroes. what i try to do with all the
9:47 am
characters, whether michael bennet or maxim ride, great role models. bigger than life. when i was growing up, we had role models. >> i love to read these mysteries, within the story, there are characters you think, i will see this person again. is that on purpose? >> i never know for sure. i try to make them interesting enough so you want to. when the bad person is on the page, i want to see that, at least in the book. you will see hal again. >> when you write these. >> you can tell at the end. if they're dead, you won't. >> but even then you are not sure. when we talk about alex cross, when he was on the big screen with morgan freeman and he will be back again, and a fascinating choice of alex cross.
9:48 am
>> i agree. tyler perry. tyler will blow everybody's mind. he focused in on this and wanted to do something very dramatic and pulls it off. terrific. matthew fox from "lost" the doctor, wanted to be in it and wanted to be the bad guy. and rob cohen. sicily tyson. rob cohen directed it and had done real action in "fast and furious." i know it's the best alex cross movie yet. very very good. mortgage dpan morgan is morgan, wonderful actor. >> one of the things, you have been writing for middle school kids and young adults. >> we both have 13 year-olds. >> we do. what is your advice to parents making sure your kids are engaged? >> you know, i -- this is important. if you're watching and have kids or grandkids or aunt and uncle,
9:49 am
whatever, it's our job to find books for our kids. it's not the school's job. easy to fall in that trap, the school will do it. our job, not the school's. we teach the kid how to ride a bike and throw a baseball. we're not thinking, we have to find books for them. i have a site, it's not about my books, books to turn kids on. that's one place to look. libraries, people will help, bookstores, don't be afraid. holidays are coming up. you really should buy kids a book. and make them read it. >> james patterson. as always, good to see you. you can read an excerpt at "kill alex cross" and download a preview of his next book. coming up next, hairdos.
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this morning on today's "beauty," do you ever wonder if your hairdo is a hair don't. louis is here to straighten you out on the right hairstyle for your face. good morning. >> good morning. >> are there hard and fast rules on what you should and shouldn't do in terms of hairstyles? >> there are certain things but it should be coordinated to you, your hair texture and your face. >> we have three great models. let's start with judy and show you a before picture. show us what she was doing wrong. >> judy works as a bank teller. what she did, she was lucky enough to have her boyfriend color her hair at home and when he colors it, he overlaps? . >> the price is right. >> but if you notice, the blond hair turned greeny ashy.
9:53 am
>> should we show judy now? >> show judy now. >> fantastic. >> i immediately eliminated the green hair, gave her this honey golden blond. look at her complex. she looks like a sunny blond. >> i love the length as well. >> this is great because judy has fine hair. dana gave her a great layered bob, texture, movement, the elthe revolution of more hair. >> you say if you have fine hair, it's better to have a shorter cut. >> yes. if you have fine hair. if you have your hair and can see through to the bottom, it's void of texture. >> thank you. think your boyfriend is out of a job. now to xena. tell us what she's doing wrong. she is 30 years old and mother of five. when she went to the salon, she didn't know what to ask for. she colored her hair red.
9:54 am
you look at her skin color, slightly olive. the red color made her olive skin appear sallow. >> look at her now! >> background golden highlights. and a great haircut, 16-18 inches off. fantastic makeup. she looks modern. >> and pops around this face. how do you know how short you should have your hair nor your facial shape? >> it should always accent your cheekbones. if you have a sloppy chin, she doesn't, use length to disguise it. hide your defects, accent what you love. >> accent the positive. >> and our final model, carol the before picture what she's doing wrong. >> wear roll had an extreme look. she doesn't want to look the norm. >> no. we like her edge. >> she likes to be edgy. i wanted to show her you can be edgy and still look pretty. >> wow. >> what i did was made her hair
9:55 am
dark brown, tinted it and softened it up to light brown and auburn highlights and the bleached blond bangs so she still has the accent of lighter hair around the face and the front. we kept it red, a little funky and a lot of fun. she looks gorgeous, a great haircut and even softened her makeup. >> you're looking great. thank you so much and thank you for great advice. >> thank you. coming up, kathie lee and hoda and the vampire jack. [ female announcer ] at,
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